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Common Ground Services is a non-profit Islamic Consulting Firm with the aim of providing consulting, education, lectures, classes, events, partnerships in regard to Islam with REAL practicing Muslims. Research shows that most Americans have negative views on Islam, additionally most Americans have never met a Muslim. We aim to provide opportunities for Hospitals, Universities, Churches, Schools, Police Departments, Non-Profits, Public & Private institutions to have access to knowledge and consulting services regarding Islam & Muslims. 

Our Team of Speakers & Experts
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Common Ground Services started in May 2015 when Imam Sami Abdul Aziz spoke at Bloomfield Public Library on Islam 101, ISIS & Islamophobia with Public Educators Vjosa Qerimi & John Parent. 


Common Ground mission is to be the top Islamic Consulting & Education Firm in the North East. 

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Amer Nabil

Amer Nabil is a CGIS Pubic Educator and a student of knowledge who is passionate about spreading the message of peace. He is also the founder of Half Full Psychiatry (www.halffullpsychiatry.com) as well as inpatient psychiatric nurse practitioner at Prospect Manchester Hospital Inpatient Behavior Health Unit. Amer hopes to continue being an active public speaker in the community in order to spread the message of peace, tolerance and unity.